Solving Difficult Problems

Saving Time and Money

Wm. Tucker Associates is an engineering consulting firm specializing in innovative engineering solutions and film and video production to the construction industry.  Too often design and engineering is based on cookbook solutions that are not cost effective.  We believe any situations warrant custom design and engineering to optimize the solution.  WTA provides a variety of design and consulting services aimed at producing economical and constructible projects.  Our emphasis is solving these problems in a timely and cost effective manner.  


Temporary Structure Design and Consulting Services:

Wm. Tucker Associates has over 30 years of experience in providing creative solutions for contractors.  We have designed deep and shallow excavations in numerous soil conditions, heavy lifting rigging, temporary bridges and many other temporary structures for all types of projects.  Other projects have included excavation support design, trench shoring design, underpinning, bore pit design, falsework and formwork, bridge and trestle design and tunnel engineering. 


Film and Video Production Services:

Wm. Tucker Associates provides film and video services for the construction industry.  These services are based on a creative eye developed during a lifetime in construction and engineering design.  This enables the point of view of our work to capture images, details, special events and procedures that an ordinary videographer or filmmaker does not have. We also have experience in claims documentation, inspection, testing and quality control that offers a broad base for film and video projects.  We specialize in providing full production services from initial concept to final DVD production.


We pride ourselves on applying the same attention to both large and small projects.  Many of our assignments involved performing specific tasks on individual projects in which the contractor or other engineer has had a special need to be fulfilled or wanted a second opinion.   We have also assisted clients who under normal circumstances have the in-house capability but due to a heavy workload need temporary assistance.